Shakespeare Inn Kendal

Car Park

General directions for the pub, and a suggested method for entering the car park.

If you approach Kendal from the north, you will follow the one-way system onto Aynam Road, and you should keep in the right-hand lane and cross the River Kent over Nether Bridge (in the right-hand lane), and continue to follow the one-way system along Kirkland. If you approach Kendal from the south, you will follow Milnthorpe Road until you enter the one-way system at Nether Bridge. Immediately after Nether Bridge move into, or stay in, the left-hand lane. After approximately 200m you will pass the Ring o'Bells pub, and the Parish Church to your right. After a further approximately 300m, you will pass the Brewery Arts Centre to your left as you begin the slight ascent of Highgate Bank. As you crest the rise you are looking for the prominent white building, now about 100m in front of you on the left.

View along Highgate to the Shakespeare Inn

The entrance of the car park is the archway, at the bottom left of the pub, between the pub and the next-door Tea Room. This is the original entrance to the stables, dating back to the days of stage coaching. The archway is 2.2m (7ft. 2in.) wide, so more than wide enough to accommodate even large vehicles like transit vans.

The key to entering the archway is to take it slow (particularly if there are pedestrians about), and make your turn wide enough to approach square-on. If you are at all concerned about wing mirrors, then simply fold them in before making the turn. There are also other pay-and-display car parks in the town.