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All dishes are offered subject to availability. Dish descriptions may not list every ingredient. (V) Dishes are suitable for vegetarians. While we take care to preserve the integrity of our products, we must advise that these products are handled in a multi-ingredient kitchen environment. Meat, poultry and fish dishes may contain bone/shell. If you suffer from an allergy please make us aware when ordering, as our descriptions may not list every ingredient. All dishes are prepared in a kitchen where products containing nuts, seeds and other allergens are prepared. This means we are not able to fully guarantee that our food will not contain traces of specific allergens. BBQ denotes flavour, not cooking method. Upon request our staff will be able to provide further information on specific products and cooking methods, so that you are able to make an informed decision as to whether a dish is likely to be suitable for you.

Breakfast Served: 9.00am. till 11.00am.
Lunch Served Monday to Saturday: 12.00 noon till 3.00pm.

Dinner Served Monday to Saturday: 5.30pm. till 8.30pm.
Sunday Lunches served: 12.00 noon till 5.00pm.

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